Mission Statement


Taste and See North Carolina is business with heart. That means we strive to solve a problem that keeps us up at night, and we strive to support a growing movement that may destroy the problem altogether.  


North Carolina has a food problem: not enough people are able to eat. In North Carolina, approximately 160,000 people receive emergency food assistance in any given week, and one in four children live in food insecure households. We are better than this. That's why a percentage of sales from Taste and See NC quarterly subscriptions will support a North Carolina-based charity specifically focused on feeding children in food insecure environments. 


There's a shift happening in the food world. The pendulum is swinging away from mass produced, over-processed foods, and back to small-batch, preservative-free goodness. Respecting and nurturing food has always been a cornerstone of southern culture, and North Carolina's food artisans are leading the way back to a time when the human touch mattered. We at Taste and See NC want you to know who these people are. We want you to know that THIS is what you should be eating. We want you to see that these are the people feeding our future.

Help us achieve our missions.