4 Must-Have North Carolina Foods for Your Summer Barbecue

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If you’re from the Tar Heel state, then you know how important barbecue is, especially on July 4th. And even if you’re not from here, once you get a taste of our food, it’s likely you’ll come back again and again.

Whether you’re a Southerner or Yankee, your summer barbecue won’t be complete without these 4 must-have North Carolina foods!

salad dressing and beverage mixer

Tracy's Gourmet Salad Dressing

Salad may not be the first item on your summer barbecue menu list, but I personally like to have at least one healthy option, and something for my vegetarian friends. Inspired by her own weight loss journey, Raleigh-based Tracy of Tracy’s Gourmet founded three organic, signature salad dressings that pull double duty as marinades. They come in 3 distinctive flavors: Luscious Lavender, Aloha Kick, and Dillightful that will take that ho-hum salad everyone tries to avoid on the buffet table and make every bite of it disappear.

Where to find it: The Raleigh box

Crude Bitters and Sodas Cucumber Shrub

Hand-crafted in small batches, the freshly chopped cucumbers, cane sugar and vinegar contained in Cucumber Shrub by Crude Bitters and Sodas are completely natural. And even more astounding, they’ve got that true human touch. They are prepared, macerated, bottled, and labeled all by hand. That kind of quality makes all the difference when you’re crafting cocktails for your crew, or spicing up your seltzer.

Where to find it: The Raleigh box

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jar of pickles

Miss Jenny's Pickles

The Signature Salt and Pepper flavor from Miss Jenny’s Pickles is so fresh and delicious, it very well may take away the accolades from your famous grilled burgers. Don’t let that stop you from topping your fresh-off-the-grill burgers or hot dogs with them though. Made from North Carolina-grown cucumbers, they are a perfectly tangy complement that plays nicely with your other condiments.

Where to find it: The Winston-Salem box

barbecue sauce

Mac's Speed Shop BBQ Sauce

Famed Mac’s Speed Shop is no stranger to barbecue, recently taking home 2nd place at the World Championship of Barbecue in Memphis in May 2017. And while North Carolinians will argue which sauce is the best, Mac’s has bottled up different flavors that are sure to please everyone around the state.

Where to find it: The Charlotte box

While these tastes of North Carolina can be found all over the state, wouldn’t you rather get them all together? Taste and See North Carolina does just that with curated boxes filled with artisanal offerings from all over the state. Check out the shop for boxes filled with gourmet goodies from every corner of North Carolina – Raleigh, Durham, Charlotte, Asheville, and Winston-Salem – and you’ll be able to get the perfect local touches delivered to your door that will make your summer backyard shindig the best place to be!

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